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How do I change the name or number my SMS comes from? (What is a Sender ID?)

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2013 03:54PM AEST

The name or number your messages come from is controlled by the Sender ID setting. This means that you are able to change the number or name attached to messages sent through SMSGlobal. For example, you may choose to display your company name when sending messages to customers, so that they are able to immediately identify who messages are coming from:

When sending a message using SMSGlobal on the web, the top drop-down box controls the Sender ID that will be will be used. You are able to select to use a pool of shared numbers, any one of you verified numbers, any dedicated numbers on your account, or a custom word which is a piece of text up to 11 characters long. An example of one of these text (also called "alphanumeric") Sender ID is shown below:


What can I use as my Sender ID?

  • SMSGlobal's free pool of shared numbers
  • ‚ÄčA word or piece of text such as a personal or business name up to 11 characters long
  • Any verified number on your account up to 2-16 characters long
  • A dedicated number hosted with SMSGlobal

How does Sender ID impact on message replies?

The Sender ID for an SMS message acts like the return address for postal mail. When a recipient replies to a message from their handset, it will be sent to the particular Sender ID that was used to send that message. This means that for someone to be able to reply, there must be a valid number used as the Sender ID.

  • If you use text in your Sender ID, recipients will not be able to reply - perfect for one way messaging
  • If you use your personal mobile number, replies will go to your mobile handset directly (and not pass through SMSGlobal)

What is the best practice for using Sender ID?

Setting your own Sender ID gives you a lot of flexibility, but there are some restrictions. If you are having problems with messages when using Sender ID, please try reading the article: My Sender ID is not working, what should I do?

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