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Last Updated: Jul 08, 2013 12:39PM AEST
Sender ID
The name or number that a message appears to come from. You can set your own custom Sender ID for your outgoing messages, which can be up to 16 digits long or up to 11 characters when including letters. For more information, please refer to our support article on Sender ID.

Shared Pool Number
SMSGlobal has some virtual numbers that it makes available to customers to enable free two-way messaging. This pool of numbers allows you to receive replies to your outgoing messages even when you do not have a dedicated number. A full description of two-way messaging can be found at our support article on 2 Way SMS.

2 Way SMS
2 way SMS means that your recipients can reply to your message and their response will be delivered to your account. Generally, for 2-way messaging your Sender ID will either be your Dedicated Number or one of SMSGlobal’s shared pool numbers.

Email to SMS
A method of sending an SMS to a handset using any email address, even allowing you to receive SMS responses back to your email account. For further information on Email to SMS, please refer to the article What is Email to SMS?

OMS – Outlook Messenger Service
OMS allows you to send and receive SMS natively in Microsoft Outlook, with a special interface for composing and viewing your SMS. For a step-by-step guide to setting up and using OMS, please refer to the article on Outlook Messenger Service.

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS messages are able to deliver rich content, such as pictures, movie clips, audio, larger amounts of text, or a mixture of the above. For information about what formats you are able to use, please refer to the article on MMS, or for a guide on sending MMS please refer to Sending your first MMS

Dedicated Number
A dedicated number is a mobile number that belongs to your own account. It is essential if you want people to be able to contact you directly without needing to message them first. They can be ordered online through your account. For information about setting a number up and what you are able to do with your number, please refer the article on Dedicated Numbers.

Country Code / International Prefix / MSISDN
A country code or international prefix is a country specific number that goes at the start of your full mobile number. These are especially important when sending messages internationally. To convert your number to international format, remove any ‘0’ in front of your number and add your country code from the list of country prefix numbers/dialing codes. For Australian numbers, this country code is 61, so 04xx xxx xxx becomes 614xx xxx xxx.

Bulk Messages
Bulk messaging is any large volume of messages being sent at once to different recipient. SMSGlobal enables many SMS, MMS or Email to be sent at one time.

Unicode refers to a standardised way of transmitting a larger set of characters (letters and symbols) than would otherwise be possible. Unicode characters include a very large number of letters and symbol, including the written scripts for many languages. However, compared to the way letters and numbers are normally encoded in SMS, Unicode characters use more data and so shorten the number of characters you can include in a single SMS. For further information about Unicode and SMS, please see the article on Unicode.

SMS Merge
SMS Merge is a feature which allows many customised messages to be created automatically and sent by SMS, based on a list of information. For example, SMS can be customised to include a recipient’s name, or any other specified information. For information on how to achieve this, see the knowledgebase article on using SMS Merge.

Opt outs
Opt outs, or opt-out requests/messages, are any message that allows a message recipient to request they no longer receive promotions messages to their mobile handset. Opt outs are an important part of complying with relevant anti-spam legislation, such as the Australian Spam Act 2003. For information on how you can manage opt-outs using SMSGlobal, please see the full article on opt out management.

CSV File
A comma separated value file, or CSV file for short, is a specially formatted file which allows different software to import and export information in a uniform way. A CSV file will generally contain rows for each new bit of information, and a number of values separated by commas in each row. These files can be used to upload contacts or send an SMS merge.

Delivery Receipt
A delivery recept (sometimes abbreviated as DLR) is a piece of information that is provided by carriers once an SMS/MMS has been received at the destination handset. Once delivery has been successful, carriers notify SMSGlobal with the delivery receipt, which will then update your message status to “Delivered”. To learn more about message statuses, please refer to the article on delivery receipts and status messages.

Multipart Messages
SMS messages are limited to 160 standard characters in length for a single message which is determined by industry standards. To address this issue, many handsets are able to receive multipart messages, which are made up of more than one SMS and are stitched together when received by the handset. A small piece of data is needed to join messages, each multipart message may contain up to 153 characters each. See the article Why is my message split into multiple parts? [1/2] for more information.

Short Code
Short codes are mobile numbers that are much shorter than a standard mobile service number. For example, a short code in Australia might six or eight digits long (e.g. 19x xxx), three to four digits long in New Zealand, and four digits in the UAE. These messages can be used to receive inbound SMS. Messages to these numbers are only possible from within the same country they are registered (that is, they will only work for domestic SMS traffic).

Long Code/Virtual Dedicated Number
A virtual dedicated number (also referred to as a long code) is a virtual mobile number that looks like a standard mobile service number for the country it is hosted for. Virtual numbers have a number of advantages, both unifying SMS messaging within a business, being fixed numbers that can be advertised, and can be used alongside your online applications.

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