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Formatting an Excel spreadsheet [VIDEO]

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 10:10AM AEST
To upload contacts to your phonebook or sending SMS to Merge, Excel documents should be in .csv or .xls format.

To ensure there are no issues when uploading your file, the mobile numbers contained in your document need to be in international format without any spaces. For example, Australian mobile numbers should look like 61447100250.

If your default SMS send country is Australia, numbers can also be entered with a 0 at the beginning, for example 0447100250.

Microsoft Excel will not always automatically recognise a mobile number, and will remove the 0 at the beginning of the number. 

To easily add the international code in front of the number, select the cell next to your first number. In this example, the cell is D2.
In the cell, enter the following formula: =C2+61000000000. This will automatically select the first mobile number cell, as seen in the below screenshot.

Once you click away from the cell, the mobile number in column C will appear in full international format in column D.

Click on the green square on the bottom right hand corner of the cell, and drag down to the bottom of your data. This will copy the formula that was entered in the cell down the document and apply to each individual number.

Do not delete the original mobile number column, as the formula relies on this data to keep the format correct. Save the file in .csv (Comma Delimited) format.
When you are uploading your file to MXT, select the correct column for mobile numbers. As per this example, the correct numbers are under the heading “Mobile Number”, while the incorrect numbers are under the heading “Number”.

For further assistance uploading your Excel spreadsheet, please contact support staff on 1300 883 400.

Video Guide to Preparing Contact Data for MXT

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