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Running an SMS campaign [VIDEO]

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 10:17AM AEST
The campaign feature helps you manage SMS campaigns, adding powerful options to help you track, report on and drive successful messaging.

Before you run a campaign, you need to prepare your contact and campaign group(s). For information on setting up contacts and groups, please refer to this article.

Creating a new campaign

  1. To begin a new campaign, first click on Campaigns on the left-hand menu.
  2. If there are no existing campaigns, you will be prompted to create one. Click on Get started to begin. You can create a new campaign at any time by clicking Create Campaign from the Campaign sub-menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. First, define who your campaign is for, and specify who messages should be coming from:
    Campaign Name: Give your campaign a unique name. E.g. Summer Sales Campaign
    To: Select the groups to send your campaign to.
    From: The Sender ID to be used for this campaign. Select from the shared number pool, one of your verified Sender ID, a custom word, or one of your dedicated numbers.
    Click Next to continue.
  4. Next, enter what you would like your campaign message to contain. You will be prompted to enter your campaign message. You can include Merge Fields by clicking on the Insert Merge Field drop-down box below the message box. Merge fields will automatically include any information about a contact that you wish to include, including custom fields.
    Once you have composed your message, click Next to continue.
  5. Select when you would like the campaign to be sent:
    Send it now: If you are ready to begin your campaign immediately.
    Schedule for later: Use this feature if you are planning your campaign in advance and would like messages to send automatically when your campaign goes live.
    Stagger my campaign: Staggering your campaign will send out smaller batches of messages at increments you specify.
    Create Reply Rules: Allows you to send a response to a keyword immediately or after a delay, or specify custom rules for managing customer opt-outs.
    Click Next to proceed to the final page to test and confirm your campaign contents.

Video Guide to Creating and Sending A Campaign in MXT

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