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Managing your groups and contacts [VIDEO]

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 10:17AM AEST

Managing groups

You are able to store contacts online with SMSGlobal, so that you have quick access to your personal contacts, campaign groups and SMS distribution lists, all available online at anytime.

To begin adding contacts, first you will need to create a group to add contacts to. If you have not already created a group, you will be asked to create one. You can have your contacts in many groups, or in just a single group - it is entirely up to how you would like to use them!

To create your first group, click on Contacts from the left-hand menu. On this screen you will be prompted to create a group. Click Get started to create your first group. There are a few settings that you can use for each group:
  1. Group Name: A name for your group, which can be nearly anything you would like to call your group.
  2. Email Keyword: If you currently use Email to SMS, you can send an email to this entire group by sending an email to
  3. Make this a Global Group: If you have child accounts, checking this box will share the contact group with those accounts
  4. Default From Address: This will set the default Sender ID that your message will come from. Please note that due to telecommunications regulations that Sender ID may not always be available to every international destination.
  5. Custom Fields: Although there is always the option to store family name, given name, nickname, mobile number and email address for all of your contacts, you can also keep other information on your contacts too. Perhaps you would like to store a postal address, a special ID number, or the customer's local store name? Custom fields, along with the default contact information, can be automatically included into messages you send to your group.
Once you happy with your group setup, click Update Group to save these details. You can always come back and edit these group settings later. Now you can begin adding contacts!

Video Guide to Creating New Contact Groups

Adding contacts

You can add contacts to groups by either adding individual contacts or by importing a number of contacts at once.

To add contacts individually, click on Contacts, locate the group you wish to add a contact to, and click the cog icon  and select Add Contact: 

On the Add a Contact page, fill in the details for your contact. Only the Mobile Number is required, and this value must be unique for each contact in a given group.

Click on Add Contact at the bottom of this page to finalise this contact.

Importing contacts

If you would like to add a number of contacts at once, it is recommended that you import your contacts by uploading a file. The file you upload can be a CSV, tab delimited or Excel spreadsheet file, and must be no larger than 2MB.

For example, you may have a spreadsheet set out as like the following:

This example shows information for three contacts.
  • The first colum contains each contact's first name, followed by mobile number and custom information local branch in the final two columns.
  • The first row is contains headers for each column, which are names for each set of information that helps identify which details are in which column later. 
  • The minimum requirement is that there should be at least a mobile number column.
  • The other columns can contain any information you would like to import into either your default or custom contact fields. We will tell the system which information to import where.

Upload a file

  1. To import a file of contacts, click Contacts, then Import
  2. Click Choose File and browse to your contact file. 
  3. If the first row of your file does not contain contact information, but has headings in each column (as in the screenshot above), then check the box next to The first row contains headings.
  4. Select the name of a group to import these contacts into.
  5. If you are using opt out management, then it will be possible to ignore any contacts you are uploading who have previously opted out of communications. Leave the option Reset contacts that have previously opted out? unchecked unless you wish to ignore previous opt outs and add users that may have previously opted out anyway.
  6. For Add Country Prefix, select the country that these mobile numbers belong to. This will automatically convert any non-international numbers (for example, starting with "0" rather than "61" in Australia) into the correct international format. If your numbers are already in the correct format, they will not be converted.
  7. Click Next to see a preview of your file contents.

Match file contents to your contact fields

  1. Next, it is important to tell the system which information is in which column. SMSGlobal will attempt to match some of these details for you automatically.
  2. Under each drop down box, make sure the appropriate column from your file is selected. For example, in the spreadsheet below, Mobile Number is found in the column called Mobile NumberGiven Name(s) is in the column called First Name, and Local Branch (a custom field) is in the column called Local Branch.
  3. You can choose to leave any number of these fields black, as long as at least the mobile number column is specified.
  4. Click Next to continue.

Confirm import

  1. A preview of your imported data will be shown. Check that your data import looks correct by making sure the details are the same as your original file.
  2. Click on Import to finalise the import.

Editing/deleting contacts

  1. To edit a contact, click Manage Groups.
  2. Locate the contact you wish to edit by either using the search at the top of the page, or finding them under the appropriate group and clicking on the group name to display all contacts.
  3. In the row next to the contact you wish to delete, click Delete.
  4. Alternately you can select multiple contacts by checking the box on the left of each contact name, and select Delete at the bottom of the page.

Deleting groups

  1. Deleting groups will remove a group and all its contact information. This deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.
  2. Click on the cog icon  next to the group you wish to delete, and select Delete.
  3. On the following page, confirm you wish to delete the group and all its contacts by clicking Yes, delete this Group and its Contacts.

Video Guide to Importing Contacts in MXT

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