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Sending your first SMS (sending an SMS to a number/contact) [VIDEO]

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 10:18AM AEST
Sending your very first SMS message with SMSGlobal? It is simple when you know how! You can send SMS to either numbers, or to any contacts stored on your account. This article will take you through sending an SMS message.

1. Log in and click Send Message

Log in to your account and click on Send Message from the left-hand menu.
  • If you would like to send messages to a number of list of numbers, stay on this page to Send to number
  • If you have contacts or groups set up under your account, click Contact to go to the Send to contact page

2. Select SMS 

By default, your message will be sent as an SMS message, but if you would prefer to send an MMS then you can change this setting. With SMS selected, the top button on this page should look like this:

Choose your Sender ID

The Sender ID changes the number or word that your SMS appears to come from. Choose to send from one of the SMSGlobal shared numbers, your registered mobile number, or a custom word.
  • Use shared numbers will send your message from one of SMSGlobal's pool of free numbers
  • A custom word will allow you to set a word up to 11 characters long
  • Or select one of the registered mobile numbers on your account from the list to send from

3. Enter your recipients

  • To send to a number, begin entering the number(s) you would like to send a message to in the To field, pressing Enter on your keyboard after each recipient
  • To send to a list of numbers, such as from an Excel spreadsheet, copy your list, click inside the To field, and paste.
  • To send to a contact, begin entering the name of the contact or group you would like to send a message to in the To field, pressing Enter on your keyboard after each recipient

4. Enter your message

As you begin typing your message, a character count will keep track of how long your SMS message is. 

The size of a standard message is 160 characters; but you can send multipart messages too! Once your message is longer than 160 characters, the character count will tell you the total number of message parts that will be used. 

(Optional) Schedule your message 

If you would like your message to be sent at a later time or date, check the Schedule this message option.

To select scheduled the time and date of the message, click inside the Schedule date box. This will pop up a calendar. Select the time you would like to schedule the message for, and click Done.

5. Click Send 

The Send button is at the bottom of the page. Once this is clicked, your message will be on its way!
You will then be redirected to your Outgoing message report to track your message status.


Video Guide to Sending an SMS to Established Contacts in MXT


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